Members of the CSTO struggle with terrorism using C-400

16 Sep


During the military exercise “Comradeship-in-arms – 2011″ the most modern Russian antiaircraft missile system C-400 proved it’s effectiveness. For the first time, the use of this complex was demonstrated in the short-range  ground-to-air combat simulation environment. Military observers from India, Syria, Malaysia and Algeria watched Armenian, Tajik, Kirghyz, Belarusian and Russian forces performing maneuvers which are supposed to represent the tactics of countering terroristic threat along the Caucasian region border area.

Exercise planners used the experience of recent conflicts in Libya and Middle East.

Further testing of the new C-400 complex will go on in the framework of the Joint Russian-Belarusian military exercise ”Union Shield-2011”. These maneuvers have already begun and will last till September, 22.

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