Anti-Islamic ideas propagated under the guise of ‘counterterrorism training’

7 Oct

And there it is.

Counterterrorism training based on the idea that Islam itself is a source of terrorism.

The FBI agents who view the religious fervor as an indicator of a terroristic threat.

Mr. Gawthrop spreads ‘inappropriate content’ among the guys who strive to defend their country.

Now they’ve got to review all training materials to ensure that no other GI or agent will be taught to fight against Islam instead of cunning manipulators who use religion as a tool to instigate a war.

I read blogs at, and Danger Room in particular. In September they mentioned that anti-Islamic ideas were still present in the FBI-training programs, even after the officials had stated that it was an ‘isolated’ case. Now, they’ve aquired the information that Justice Department officials — and even teachers at Fort Leavenworth — are delivering similar messages.

So how come that some folks really do think that a religion may be the source of terrorism? Terrorism itself is a policy which aims at achieving certain goals by intimidating people, filling their minds with fear – by conducting acts of violence and genocide. Christians and Muslims are afraid that they’ll be punished for their bad deeds in afterlife. They need to ‘clear’ their ‘record’ of sins, so that they’ll go to paradise after their life ends. There are various ways to do it. So is the fear of being ‘unclean’, ‘punished in afterlife’, ‘tormented in hell’, ‘reborn as a slug’ not a result of a terroristic act? Does it not help someone towards the achievement of his/her goal – to force people behave in a certain manner?

The religion (religion as a techinque, not faith) was designed to make people stay within the limits of rules. This rules were outlined by people who had the power to convince the others to follow them. They outlined these rules to stay in control of the crowd. Control is an element of power. They were afraid to lose the power. Leaders of terroristic groups have the power and they are afraid to lose it too. Fear is a source, a tool and the result of terrorism. Fear is responsible for the deaths of  thousands.

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