Gay Soldier vs Military Chaplain – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t #&*K

10 Oct

Splendid! Since the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy has been repealed, gays are allowed to serve openly. Furthermore, gays who were afraid of becoming Soldiers because of legal obstacles and intolerance are enlisted alongside with normal (I mean, heterosexual) people now.
Even more, recruiters have acquired a great opportunity to find physically fit rookies. For example, at the San Gabriel Valley Pride event at Pasadena City College. Marine Recruiters do not spend time in vain – and actively engage in the augmentation of the US Marine contingent. By all odds, there are many physically fit gays. They strive to be in a good form, otherwise other gays won’t like them.
A gay ranger – a gay that can kill you with a dildo.
An airborne gay – a gay that can assault you from the sky.
I am straight and I am against gay soldiers. No doubt, there are clever and courageous men and women among them, but I am not ready to trust them with my life. Maybe I am being too critical, but I am sure that homosexuality is a mental disease, no matter what researchers say.
After the President had allowed gays to serve openly, the Pentagon allowed military chaplains to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies. In my opinion it is the most disturbing result of the new policy. As far as I know, Christianity does not approve homosexual intercourse. Maybe I am not enough educated in the field (being pagan myself) but such marriages, performed by military chaplains look and sound like a perversion. Chaplains do not approve those ceremonies either.
What’s next? Gay chaplains? Year 2012 is near. No one knows what can instigate the End of the World.

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