20 Feb

And all those NATO talks about the freedom of speech in Libya – just found out that one of Ghaddafi’s loyal journalists, Hala al-Misrati, who had been reported to be murdered in her jail cell appeared on a video yesterday, stating that she is alive and well treated.

Antiwar literary and philosophical selections

Pakistan Observer
February 20, 2012

NATO double game in Libya under UN cover revealed
Suitcase size drones played decisive role
Akhtar Jamal

Islamabad: A Canadian newspaper has revealed an account of NATO’s double-game in Libya and disclosed how the NATO countries collaborated with each other to topple the Libyan regime and secretly supplied most sophisticated weapons and drones to Libyan rebels.

According to the newspaper, Ottawa Citizen, the NATO states misused the UN embargo of arms and sea-blockage and enforced one-sided sanction while allowing NATO-backed special forces and trainers to slip into Libya via sea.

The paper also disclosed that dozens of brief-case size drones were also sent to Libya to monitor and track Gadhafi forces and hunt them down.

It said that NATO partners in the Mediterranean Sea enforcing an embargo under authority of the United Nations Security Resolution 1973 allowed weapon supplies without any interception to anti- Gadhafi…

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