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Budget cuts, regulatory snags delay plans for naval facility

14 Nov

Budget cuts, regulatory snags delay plans for naval facility.

‘National Defence is hoping it can finally start moving on an already diminished and delayed plan for establishing a key naval facility in Canada’s Arctic after submitting a new environmental impact assessment to the Nunavut government this week.’

Ok, that’s nice – the Canadians have finally taken a step closer towards building their naval facility in the Arctic. But it does worry me: they submitted an environmental assessment. The thing is that the abovementioned article is rather old, the most recent says:

‘Nunavut regulator approves Arctic naval facility’


‘Nanisivik refuelling facility can go ahead without full environmental review’

WTF does that even mean? Without full review? They are going to refuel military vessels, it is a strategically important position for God’s sake! How come they ignore environmental issues?