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20 Feb

And all those NATO talks about the freedom of speech in Libya – just found out that one of Ghaddafi’s loyal journalists, Hala al-Misrati, who had been reported to be murdered in her jail cell appeared on a video yesterday, stating that she is alive and well treated.

16 Feb

Scandalous US Marines ID’d

3 Feb

Check this out:
One of the Marines shown urinating on three corpses in Afghanistan was the unit’s platoon commander, two U.S. military officials have told McClatchy, raising concerns that poor command standards contributed to an incident that may have damaged the U.S. war effort.

Even before the unit deployed to southern Afghanistan last year, it suffered from disciplinary problems while the troops were based at Camp Lejeune, N.C., the officials said.

Despite U.S. military doctrine stating that commanders ultimately are responsible for their units’ behavior in combat – and Geneva conventions barring the desecration of dead bodies – the Pentagon rarely has charged commanders in cases where troops have knowingly killed, injured or mistreated Afghans and Iraqis.
Source: FayObserver

And earlier, the Sky News informed that at least two of the four US Marines in a video that apparently shows them urinating on the bodies of Taliban fighters have been identified.

The group were members of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, which returned to its home base in North Carolina last autumn after a tour in Afghanistan.
Though, ABC reported that all four Marines featured in the video have been identified and interviewed by investigators with the NCIS.
However, CNN contributor and radio host Dana Loesch said that she would have done the same as the soldiers, and Rep. Alan West said that no one should judge them if they haven’t been in war. I’d rather not watch Mrs. Loesch repeating the same ‘ceremony’.
But the thing is that real warriors treat their opponents with respect, even in defeat.